Pervasive Design

by Michelle B. Larson

I wake, I see
cubic block glass window – privacy.

I shower, cold smacks
concentric circle shower head – relax.

Hot coffee, add cream
convection cell pattern – and steam.

Outside, I run
cubic block snow fort – how fun.

Dark clouds, all huddle
concentric circle rain drops – in puddle.

The Sun, what joy
convection cell pattern – Voronoi.

Construction site, new buyer
cubic block buildings – rising higher.

Classroom, kids learn
concentric circle solar system – Kepler.

Lunchtime, large group
convection cell pattern – good soup.

Walk home, new path
pervasive design – physics and math.

2 responses to “Pervasive Design

  1. I love how you used poetry for this — something I think we overlook as an option. There’s a rhythm here that matches the stride of the day.

  2. Nice! I’m going to copy you and write a poem one of these times!

    This puts the science front and center the way a scientist sees it, and I think that’s important. Because one of my favorite things is when a student says they have started to see the physics in everything, and would I please get out of their head now! ;).

    You’ve captured the everyday science that only a scientist sees. Most people think we have less awe, not more…

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